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Hey! I’m Rory, the founder of Howdy H-Town. Howdy may be the traditional greeting here in Texas, but Houston is so diverse that Hola, Xin Chao, Hailo, Ni Hao, and Hello are all quite common in this cosmopolitan city. This is one of the many reasons I have come to love this city. Originally from Australia, I moved here in 2017 to be with my partner. After working as a tour guide in Africa, Europe, and North America for the past 10 years, my first impressions of Houston were not positive—it did not have the aesthetic beauty of Cape Town, Paris, or Vancouver. Then I started to explore and learn about the city, and saw how much it has to offer. When people think of travelling, they usually don’t think of Houston, because the things that make Houston cool and unique are often hard to find—many Houstonians don’t even know that they exist. Whether you’re a local wanting to explore a new area of Houston or a visitor from out of town, let the passionate guides at Howdy H-Town show you a different side of this city.